• Som Tum - Thai/ Laos Styles
  • Signature Kee Mao
  • Tom Kha soup
  • Thai Chicken Wings
  • Kang Keaw Wan
  • Yum Woon Sen

  • Moo Ping (BBQ Pork) - NEW

  • Chicken Satay  - NEW

  • Por Pea Sod (Fresh Rolls) - NEW

  • Special new Thai Desserts

About our
history here
at asia market


Serving Thai, Laos. and Cambodian communities with import food products, fresh local vegetables and Authentic Thai food since 1980s, we are the only Thai market in Houston. We are trying our best to keep and serve Traditional Thai food as you would enjoy when you visit Thailand. We only use Thai ingredients, spices and Thai vegetables that are really available here and make the best out of it. We know that many people are trying to copy what we have but we know and we hope you know the best. We are proud and Asia Market is our heart and soul.

THE fulton

We are really happy that we have grown so much in the past years at West Cavalcade location. We are ready to move on to a better facility and location that will serve you better in many ways possible. We will now have a better kitchen, better parkings, better serving, and better food.

We are offering the same great taste with plenty more on the menu along with weekend specials. Thai beers, local craft beers, wine, table service along with more varieties of food with the same great taste will make our new location as fun and as enjoyable for you.

Please visit us and see how much we have grown because of you.

Thanks to all of you!!