C4 Kee Mao Noodle

A1 Cheese Tod

C2 Pad See Ew

G2 Kao Nam Tod

S3 Yum Woon Sen

S1 Laab

I1 Chu Chee Pla

E9 Karee Curry

G4 Fried Quails

C5 Boat Noodle Soup

H1 Crispy Preserved Duck Egg with basil sauce

A11 Grilled Calamari with spicy seafood sauce

A9 Steam Dumpling

B2 Tom Yum Soup

I2 Garlic Pepper Salmon

S5 Papaya Salad - Laos Style

S7 Tiger Cry

A2 Egg Rolls

S5 Papaya Salad - Thai Style

I1 Chu Chee Pla

G1 E-Sarn Sausage

G1 Spicy Sausage

I7 Spicy Basil Eggplant

A7 Curry Puff